Advantage Sand Blaster

Growing your business in corporate awards requires efficiency in service and killer quality workmanship. You can dable in corporate wawards but if you really want to develop this area of your business you have to have the right combination of equioment to be able to service this profitable area of business.

A Sales discussion with a recent enquiry about Sand Blasting led me to say to the potential Customer “If you want to grow the Corporate Awards division of your business you must have a Sand Blasting System” This statement is a realistic state of affairs in today’s Awards market. You’re not really in the running to get the lucrative work if you don’t have the supreme flexibility of a Sand Blasting System. Major companies with major awards orders expect excellence in product and service and sand blasting is the only way to achieve excellence on crystal and glass.

There’s a lot of work out there and today’s Corporate needs require more than just a Sublimation Plaque or an Engraved Acrylic Trophy. Today clients want a large variety of awards including materials such as Metal, Acrylic, Glass and they want more than just a simple layout. They want designer images that project the professional image of their company. They want extras such as glassware etc. to go with their order and a Sand Blaster has the tool to do it better than the non Sand Blaster. That’s a reality and not just a sales pitch.

Engraving and Sublimation Machines are great tools that you must have to progress (our Trophy Company has 3 engravers and 2 Sub Printers) but the number one tool for versatility and speed with intricate and involved engraving is a Sand Blasting System – no contest.

When I do a demonstration the result is always the same. The potential buyer is pre-concerned with all the things you need to do in perpetration for Sand Blasting. They have heard it is long and involved. To diffuse this concern we simply go through the process in their presence and etch an image from start to finish in minutes that we know would take 5 times as long to engrave any other way. The result is always the same – “WOW”.

The quality of the engraving and the speed at which we did it is ground breaking for the virgin eye. The Trophy industry in Australia has grown up without the benefit of Sand Blasting in their process so it’s something to be sceptical about for some. The American’s have been doing it for 20 years.

Sand Blasting is spreading fast in our industry and you should seriously consider the advantage a ProBlast System will create in your business. Today it’s not so much being the first in your area to have Sand Blasting it’s now being able to compete with your counterparts and provide what’s needed to get a higher success rate on your quotes. Check out the best sand blasting system in the world right here