Bugs in the pot

One of our customers recently had a blockage in their system. He had to pull the pot apart to get the system working again. To his surprise he found a smashed up cockroach in the system as the cause of the blockage.
It must of entered the pot while the seal at the top was down and settled in for the night before being sucked down through the pipes. (Even insects love our equipment!)
I have heard this one before from a country user and it

brings to my attention that you need to make sure that you don’t let the oxide in the pressure pot get contaminated.
If you’re in an area that has insects which is pretty much everyone, maybe you should cover the Pressure Pot with a towel when you’re not using it. This will aid contamination prevention and make the “Be kind to Cockroaches Society” happy.
Also I am sure the “I hate unblocking my pressure Pot” society would approve this idea.