Krystal Kote a clear winner

Have you tried out Crystal Kote yet? Many people are finding a great product for darkening up artwork. Some are even using it in their screen printing artwork. It works so well that Wayne at Gecko Printing and Engraving doesn’t have to make up bromides anymore for his screen printing.

What does it do you ask? Well, you spray it onto your printed Vellum paper. By doing this you effectively make the black laser toner blacker which in turn blackens and densifies the image blocking out extra light.

How does this help you ask? Well, the blacker and denser the art the less UV light seeps through the art area and the less light in this area the faster the wash out will be and the faster the wash out the sharper the image.

When you use a Laser printer to print onto Vellum you do get light through the toner which slightly exposes the wash out area making it harder to wash out. As you know it works fine without Crystal Kote but on some jobs, particularly with large black areas, Crystal Kote makes the black of the art blacker and denser and much faster to wash out.

If you haven’t tried it yet then why not order a can with your next order. It doesn’t cost much and you’ll find the result surprisingly good. When you are doing gang sheet washouts you’ll find you get faster better results. When doing a lot of wash outs you’ll get them done faster because the art area has had less UV light hardening it so it washes out faster. A really good product worth having in your work shop.