New Sizes for Ink Jet Film

Ink Jet film is now available in legal sized sheets which fits the width of the standard SR3000 roll. This allows you to get more out of your resist roll with less offcuts.  We have also introduced rolls of ink jet film which are 431.8 mm wide and 30,480 mm long. If you have a  large format roll feeding ink jet printer such as an Epsom 440, like the sublimation printer or a vinyl print and cut machine you can use this large format ink jet film to produce larger film for making larger resists. Or use the wide format print for high production runs.


The wide format Ink Jets film produces the blackest image possible in a standard in-house environment and in turn produces the sharpest clearest resist. When we started the ProBlast journey 16 years ago Vellum paper was the standard artwork print media. It did a pretty good job as you know and we learnt that using the old Black Art Spray (now back in stock) darkened it and enhanced the wash out speed to give a sharper stronger resist. Laser Mask was also an option which gave  a blacker image than vellum and therefore produced a blacker resist. We also introduced Magic dark to further enhance laser printed vellum and Laser film so as to give it a really black finish. Now days Ink Jet Film is used for high production companies as it gives the strongest black result. Ink Jet film is a little more expensive that the other print mediums but it does give a faster wash out and superior result and does by-pass using products such as black art spray and magic dark.



Our new wide format Ink Jet film is ideally suited to our wide format SR3000 rolls and our large format exposure systems but can be used for normal width film in a high production environment. ProBlast also offers wide format resist production for those not wanting to invest in the equipment. For further details on print media and sand blasting click here.