Blasting Nozzles

We sell three sizes of Carbide Nozzles. The Standard is 3/32. That’s what you would get with your system. You should always have on hand spare nozzle in case your current one wears out and need replacing. A worn nozzle will cause longer etching time as the flow is not concentrated in original area.

1/16″ nozzles are for stage carving; it provides a smaller (tighter)media pattern for smaller areas of etching

3/32″ are standard; Rayzist determined them to be “the standard” years ago when they first began to make equipment, the sand pattern was not too small or to large.

1/18″ are primarily used when blasting larger open areas, such as signage or monuments (although Rayzist still use 3/32″ for monumental). The orifice is larger so more sand and air dispenses from the nozzle, giving a wider pattern
of media, (when using this sizethe mixing valves will usually requires re-adjustment)