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UV vellum: a transparent wood pulp paper product with a specific weight and grain. UV Vellum is used to print black and white vector artwork for the exposing process of creating a photomask. UV Vellum works best with a monochrome laser printer. This product can be used with ProBlast Magic Dark Toner Repair Kit. UV Vellum is a less expensive alternative to the Laser Film product. 8.5″x14″ Legal size. 25.16 GSM

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Set printer setting to darkest setting
Your print must not have any grey tones or colour. Black and white print only.

We have found that Cannon and Hewlett-Packard Laser printers work well with vellum paper but any other brand may provide poor quality prints that will not print well. We have never come across any success with any printer other than Cannon and Hewlett-Packard.

Print black and white artwork onto any side of the vellum paper
Suitable for Laser Printers only