$ 174.10

Gold Plated Ground Breaking Shovel

This is a quality made, full sized, gold finished groundbreaking shovel. Gold plated steel with natural Timber Handle. Ideal for your sod-turning ceremony for building projects and mine sites. This ceremonial shovel is a full-sized real shovel made especially for groundbreaking ceremonies.

The Price listed here is a blank Shovel which you can engrave yourself with either sandblasting only or sandblast and paint fill.

  • Engraving Area: 20cm x 20cm
  • Overall height (spade and handle) is 116cm. Spade Height 27cm,. Spade width 22cmw

We can also provide you with an engraving service for this item. Sent us your engraving detail, including vectorised eps logo file and we will provide you with a quote for the completed product service.

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  • Gold plated steel shovel
  • Timber Handle
  • Curved Shovel surface
  • can be sandblast engraved


  • Whenever sandblasting metal surfaces be careful of scratching the surface area. Apply resist and cover rest of shovel face.
  • Try using a large plastic bag to slip over shovel after you have applied the resist. Cut out engraving window and tape down on to edges of resist to seal the shovel. Don’t allow dust to get inside the bags – tape up well
  • Try to get the job done quickly. Add resist, tape up, blast, paint fill, dry and remove the resist.
  • Any quality brand paint can be used.