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Carbide nozzle 3/32″: made from tungsten carbide, the orifice is 3/32 in diameter and is great for multi purpose engraving on any surface. Nozzle comes complete with o’ring.Listed price is for 1 nozzle

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Which Nozzle should you use:

The nozzle size increases or decreases the blasting radius

  • 3/32” is the standard blast radius
  • 1/16” does have a smaller blasting pattern, ideal if you’re carving and want a tighter more concentrated blast radius
  • 1/8” has a much larger blasting pattern, ideal when blasting large open areas.

3/32” specs is 5.5CFM @ 30PSI. If your air supply is small, perhaps a 1/16” nozzle will help reduce the strain. As with nozzle wear the 1/8” nozzle consumes significantly higher CFM as well total re-regulation of your blasting sand/air ratio. Trophy Shops mostly use the 3/32” nozzle. Artist types often choose the 1/16” nozzles and monument and the industrial users go for 1/8” nozzles.