The Versatility of Sand Blasting


Now that we have so many ProBlast Sand Blasting Systems out there it’s encouraging to get the positive feedback from our happy customers. The big guys and the little guys all find our system not only excellent quality, trouble free equipment but also they are finding it an invaluable tools.
From the one lady operator in Sydney south west who finds it remarkable easy and quick to produce great stuff that impresses her expanding client base to the big guys of the capitol cities who produce topline awards with unlimited graphic ability. From the Butcher in Rockhampton whos doing pewters and brass plaques easier than ever before to the legend engraver in Gladestone who knocks out Stainless Steel industrial work faster and sharper than ever before. Our system has found it’s usefullnes in many corners throughout Australia and NZ.
I personally couldn’t imagine how we could get by without our Sand Blaster in our Trophy Store. The amount of work that comes our way these days is huge. Christmas was a great period for sand blasting. Wine bottles, decanters, Xmas plates, glassware, all as Xmas gifts were a great addition to the bottom line.
Now with Summer sports in site we know we have the advantage of being able to offer Cricket and Softball clubs classy Bets and Fairest awards. The golfers loved the stuff pre Xmas and the Cricketers will lap it up. It’s a versatility in sales thing. If we get a club that wants something different they never go away disapointed and the major point is that there is good money in this form of engraving. There is no doubt that Sand Blasting is much much quicker than conventional engraving machines when it comes to fancy engraving.
Now with the economy gaining confidence again 2002 is a good year for you to bite the bullet and get set up with sand blasting in house and join the many many happy ProBlast customers earning good dollars from our system. It’ll be the cheapest graphical engraving system you ever buy and you’ll never have to update or replace it.
Throughout February we’ll be offering some great price incentives to get you up and running and with our link with Award finance you’ll have no trouble getting a competitive leaase for the equipment.