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SR3000 is the number one selling resist globally. It is a repositionable, self-stick film that does not carry or require a stubborn, messy adhesive—that means no residue clean-up, and no adhesive to apply or over-wash. There’s simply nothing else like it in the marketplace today. Processed SR3000 clings steadfastly to any polished surface, providing an ideal system for creating fine quality engravings on glass, wood, stone, ceramic, granite, marble and soft metals.

SR3000 has industry-leading durability and resolution capabilities—you can trust it with half-tone images or ultra-high resolution images, for deep etches or fine details, and on flat or curved surfaces. The 3 mil thickness is designed to push the envelope in high resolution designs; you can blast finely detailed images without the worry of pinhole blast-through. 

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If you’re not using SR3000 for your sandcarving work give it try for free. Call us or email us and we will send you a free sample pack to try it out for yourself.

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Efficiency Advantage

  • A shorter exposure to ultraviolet light means faster washouts and sharper images. 20 seconds with Letralite Unit.
  • Use for 1 type of resist for all materials means you only have to carry one type of resist saving you money and wastage
  • SR3000 is renowned for its exceptionally fine detail imaging. It will wash out down to 0.3mm line width and it is perfect for half tone stencil production.
  • The technically clever self-sticking style of SR300 means no messy adhesive and no residue at clean up. It is very reliable and holds strong for confident sandcarving.
  • The self-stick resist is very easily repositionable if you don’t get it in the right place first go. It easily lifts of and stays in tacked ready for repositioning.
  • SR3000 has a great flexibility range which makes it excellent for curved surface etching.
  • Clean up is fast because the resist comes off real easy after blasting and leaves no residue.
  • SR3000 does not need any special room lighting do work in. Your normal flouro, LED or candescent is fine to work under.

Check out the versatility SR3000 offers your business.