Cast Bronze Plaques

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All about Cast Bronze Plaques

Cast Bronze Plaques are made in any shape or size. Embossed letters raised above lower background. The background is Stoved Acrylic enamel for a durable, resilient weather proof finish. Cast bronze plaques are the most durable outdoor
plaques available. They will last hundreds of years and need no maintenance.Cast Bronze Plaques are made from and alloy of tin and copper and forms a very strong metal that has exceptional lasting qualities and is very low maintenance. Ideal for outdoor use and long life expectancy.

What Colours can be used

A standard brown background is used in most instances; however coloured (maroon, green, blue, black, white) backgrounds can also be tailored to suit your requirements. After the linishing (surface sanding) process is completed, the raised sections of the cast bronze plaque, letters and emblems are left with a striking gold finish.

How long do cast Bronze Plaques last

Bronze plaques last a lifetime, however the plaque will change colour and take on a natural “patina” effect after exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Bronze will not corrode nor become unreadable once the paint applications lift (as with the majority of all engraved products). Once Bronze takes on the natural patina effect it simply matures with its colour changing as it ages.

How long do cast Bronze Plaques take to make

Generally we need about 3-4 weeks from sign off of Artwork. However we can do them faster if we need to.

How to order

1. Send Logo & Text for quote.
2. Provide Logo in .JPG file format.
3. We will do a professional artwork layout for you.
4. Proof email sent for you to sign off on design.
5. Production time is 3-4 weeks from approval.

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Below are some examples of our cast bronze reseller work: