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The Sand Carvers advocate is a quarterly newsletter mailed out to subscribers. It features stories on sand blasting, technical tips and how to documents, industry news and industry supply advertisements

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Tech Tip – Paint Filling

Paint Filling

You can use oil based or acrylic paints for paint filling. You can also use 2 pack paint. We recommend using a spray can or spray gun. Apply 3 light coats allowing to dry in between coats.

SR3000 PhotoMask Resist

SR3000™ What is it and how does it work?

SR3000 is a photopolymer film specially designed for sand blasting images into many types of materials. It works by exposing black and white artwork via a UV light source and then washing the image out.

If you took a piece of SR3000 without exposing it to UV light (so no day light or UV source lighting) and wash it in water the blue photopolymer layer would dissolve, wash away, and you would be left with a clear carrier sheet only. But if you took a piece of SR3000 and exposed it to UV light and then washed it in water it would not dissolve. So SR3000 photopolymer resist is light sensitive and goes hard when exposed to it.

You start with black and white artwork on special media such as Ink Jet film or laser film. The artwork is laid on the SR3000 and then UV light is exposed through the artwork onto the SR3000 film. The black areas of the artwork prevent the light from getting through to the SR3000 and so that area does not get exposed. All the area around the artwork, the clear area, gets exposed and hardens and will not wash out (dissolve). Only the area protected by the black artwork is still water soluble and so washes away leaving you with a very sharp and clear image.

When you apply the processed SR3000 to a substrate and blast it the images surrounding area that did not washout resists the abrasive blast, the abrasive simply bounces of it, so only the artwork area gets etched. SR3000 is the world’s most versatile and durable resist. There is no need for a variety of types of resist, SR300 does it all.

SR3000™ Overview

SR3000 is a repositionable, self-stick film that does not carry or require a stubborn, messy adhesive—that means no residue clean-up, no complicated handling issues, and no adhesive to apply or over-wash. There’s simply nothing else like it in the marketplace today. The film develops a slight tack after wash-out, but will never feel gummy or sticky.

SR3000 has industry-leading durability and resolution capabilities—you can trust it with half-tone images or ultra high resolution images, for deep etches or fine details, and on flat or curved surfaces. The 3 mil thickness is designed to push the envelope in high resolution designs; you can blast finely detailed images without the worry of pinhole blast-through. Use the 5 mil to achieve a deeper etch or multi-stage carving. You will be thrilled with the results.

Processed SR3000 clings steadfastly to any polished surface, providing an ideal system for creating fine quality engravings on glass, wood, stone, ceramic, granite, marble and soft metals.

The efficiency advantage

From exposing to blasting, SR3000 helps you get it done faster, more efficiently than ever before. It saves you money because it saves you time.

  • Manufacturer direct film support
  • Easy application/User friendly
  • No special lighting necessary
  • Versatile
  • Repositionable
  • Durable
  • Flexible for curved surface
  • Fast exposure
  • Quick washout
  • Excellent detail
  • Multistage carving
  • Cost effective

Description :

User friendly SR3000™ is a high-resolution photoresist with an inherent self sticking quality enabling etchers to achieve the finest detail and deepest etch in the sand blasting industry. SR3000™ will turn any black and white design into a sandcarving stencil. It provides an ideal system for creating fine quality engraving on endless varieties of glass, wood, stone, ceramic, granite, marble, and soft metals. From exposing to blasting, carvers are able to get it done faster and more efficiently then ever before.


SR3000 can be processed easily with a UV light source, film print and pressurized washout unit, such as a ProBlast Hand Washer or automatic washout unit. A plastic burnisher is necessary to bind the processed photomask to the substrate surface and remove the photomask’s clear carrier. The ProBlast Wire Wheel Brush is also strongly recommended; this hand-held tool releases air trapped between the substrate and the photomask.

Room Lighting:

You do not need a darkroom or yellow lighting to use SR3000. The film can be safely handled in white fluorescent lighting for approximately ten minutes. Avoid any room or area that has direct or indirect UV light such open windows or doors. Sunlight will expose the film in a matter of seconds.


SR3000™ comes in 3 & 5 mil thicknesses.

3 mil is recommended for fine detailed artwork and halftoned photos.

5 mil is recommended for bold artwork, moderate to deep stage carving and for paint filling jobs.

Shelf Life:

Conservatively, 12 months at room temperature.


Standard washout times begin at 45-60 seconds, depending on the mil.

Exposure Time:

20 seconds


SR3000™ has unmatched blast resilient properties superior to any photoresist in the industry. Blast high resolution designs without the worry of pin hole blast through.


We offer expert training solutions from group classes to individual classes both set and tailor made to suit your requirements. Training is done at our workshop in Chipping Norton NSW.

Easily accessible from Sydney Airport.
By Train – Get the train to the East Hills Railway station from the Sydney Airport station. Then get a cab or UBer from the station. It’s about 7 minutes from East Hills

By Car – From the airport head west on the M5 and take the East Hills turn off. Turn Right there an then turn left onto Milperra Rd. Go over the bridge and turn Right at Govenor Macquarie Drive and them right into Alfred Rd at the Round About.

See each class below to see the costs of the classes. All costs must be paid for in full before the commencement of the training.

Training Start Time: All training starts at 9:30am and runs for the time allocated. A 30 minute lunch break may be incurred during your training.

System Purchase Training

With every Sand Blasting System we offer 1 day (6 hour) training at our workshop in Milperra NSW.  It’s hands on training day were you do the practical work and learn not only the fundamentals but also complex processes such as multi-colour paint fill and half tone etching. You can bring your own artwork and your own materials if you wish and we will focus the training.

What you learn

We’ll run you through the basics all the way to the complex.

  • Overview on the artwork process
  • Print media education
  • Exposing resist – standard and fine detail
  • Washing out – manual and automatic
  • Applying Resist to substrates and masking
  • Sand Blasting – glass trophies, glassware, Stainless Steel, Stone, Acrylic
  • Paint filling
  • Half Tone Photograph Etching
  • Specific training in what you want to do
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Tips and Tricks

For training at your location the cost is $660.00 including GST plus any expenses incurred at facilitating your own location training.

Sand Blasting Day Training

We offer 1 day (6 hour) training at our workshop in Milperra NSW.  It’s hands on training day were you do the practical work and learn not only the fundamentals but also complex processes such as multi-colour paint fill and half tone etching. You can bring your own artwork and your own materials or use ours.


$770.00 for up to 1 people from the same organisation. Add $110.00 per extra person – up to 3 people.

Sand Blasting 1 Hour Training Session

Learn the fundamentals of sand blast engraving from highly qualified experts in the industry. This 1 hour training session will show you how to expose and wash out photopolymer resist stencils, Apply resist to glass products, sandblast, colour fill and clean up the job. During the session we answer all your questions about the process of sandblasting. The outcome of this 1 hour course is that you will be equipped with the fundamentals of sandblast engraving to take back to your workshop.


$132.00 for up to 1 person. Add $44.00 per extra person – up to 3 people from the same organisation.

Specific Needs Training Session

You set the training agenda to learn something specific such as paint Filling, Half Tone Photo Etching, Engraving Stones. Minimum 2 hour Class.


$150.00 per hour for up to 2 people from the same organisation. Add $66.00 per hour per person for more than 2 people.

Corel Draw Training – The Basics

Learn How to use Corel Draw for the trophy and engraving Industry. We will show you the basics that will help you get started with Corel. By the end of the class you be able to:

  • Do trophy layouts for output of sand blasting, laser engraving and sublimation
  • Create gang sheets
  • Put text on arcs
  • Vectorise and re-draw logos from jpegs (introduction to)
  • Learn a cool vectorisation secret
  • Create half tome images for sand blasting or laser engraving
  • Create output files form sand blasting, laser and sublimation
  • Learn about file storage and back up

Class duration: 4 hours


$880.00 for 1 person

Corel Draw – Specific Needs Training Session

You set the training agenda to learn something you need to learn in Corel Draw


$180.00 per hour for up to 2 people from the same organisation.  Add $66.00 per hour per person for more than 2 people.

Technical Tips

ProBlast Offer its customers expert technical advice on a facets of sand blasting. With many years retail engraving experience out expert technical department can assist you with any technical issue. We also offer in training sessions on sand blasting.

Our goal is to make you an expert in sand blasting.

Here is a list of technical Tips to help you:


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SK2 Start Up Kit Content

Need to produce sandblasting stencils, quick and easily? Check out the what is included with the purchase of the Complete Mask Making Kit. This generous package includes everything you need to make your our sandblast masks.

Half Tone PhotoMask Production

Demonstration on producing a Halftone Photo showing basic steps in Photoshop and blasting techniques with SR3000 photo resist film.

Sandblast a Photograph on to a Glass Plate

Using the half tone image technique Liz shows us how to produce a stunning glass plate etching.

Clay Paver Etching

This video demonstrates the production of a clay paver etching

Wire Wheel Brush Demonstration

Using a wire wheel it removes air bubbles in SR3000 membrane

PB2034VXA The Worlds Most Advanced Sand blasting System

Liz Hass shows us the number 1 selling engravers sand blasting machine.

Get Better Wash Outs

Understanding the importance of your artwork print for excellent wash outs.

Applying Resist to an Extreme Curved Surface

This video provides a step by step instruction for applying SR3000™ photomask to an extreme curved surface. Instruction includes how to determine the natural curve of the glass for your artwork preparation and helpful tips to keep the design straight and removing the carrier film when applying the photomask.

Applying SR3000 to a Flat Surface

This video provides a step by step instruction of applying a photomask to a flat surface. Instruction includes, How to properly apply a photomask and what application tools are needed or available for applying a photomask.


AwardPro is an industry specific software program designed to assist the daily operations of a Trophy, Engraving, Promo retail business. The program allows you to write your customers orders directly into it and then it will work out your stock needs and create automatic supplier stock orders.

There are many other features and functions in AwardPro to suit your business needs. The program has been designed to allow you to use as many or as little functions as you desire.

Either way AwardPro allows you to take a job all the way from start to finish. It’s been tailored for your industry and designed to make what you do easier and faster.

Sand Blasting Manual


ProBlast has produced the definitive Engravers Sand Blasting Manual to help engravers learn and teach techniques for sandblasting. It provides detailed process descriptions and explanations and how to on specific tasks such as metal etching, paint filling, half tone photo etching.
The Engravers Sand Blasting Manual can be used to teach yourself sand blasting techniques and also teach your current and future staff.
The Engravers Sand Blasting Manual is available for sale Click here for Pricing


Click Here to view the Engraver’s Sand Blasting Manual Index


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