Laser Engraving Service

We can do CO2 and Fibre Laser Engraving

We can provide expert Laser Engraving production services for re-seller (trophy, Engraving, Promotional Products companies) at re-seller rates. We can engrave a wide variety of materials such as Laserply, acrylic, timber, stainless steel. Our Laser bed size is 900mm x 600mm.


Stainless steel fibre laser engraving
Fibre laser technology allows you to permanently mark stainless steel by
physically altering the carbon in the metal. It is perfect for outdoor applications
and industrial labels as is does not weather or deteriorate. We provide a fibre laser marking service for anyone in the trophy, engraving or promotional products industry. Contact us for a quote.

  • Set up your job file in CorelDraw (.cdr file) or provide vector .eps or .pdf file to us.
    (Make sure all text is converted to curves)
  • Minimum Charge $100
  • Set up fee may apply

Email us at: or call +612 9772 1999


Below are some examples of our laser engraving reseller work: