Custom Mask Service

ProBlast offers a custom mask making services for those that want to farm out the production of resist making or those with big jobs and want to reduce the work load. Our rates are quite reasonable and take in labour cost that would normally apply anyway. The minimum charge for custom resist service is $22 and production normally next day or within a couple of days. Resist can be produced in 3 or 5mil thicknesses. You simply need to provide the finished art file, preferably in CorelDraw or eps file by email and instructions and we’ll get the job done and sent to you. It can be a big help to you to farm out a bit of production labour in the really busy times so give the service a go. Our production set up is also geared to produce wide format resists for special large job projects and we do also provide expert half tome resist service. Whilst we encourage you to provide finished artwork we can of course offer this service to you.

ProBlast will also do the complete production work for you by providing an etching service that is guaranteed quality work. You can order glass and crystal blanks from any supplier and have then ship the goods direct to us. Make sure they state on the shipment who the goods are form and send us a pre-delivery alert so we know it’s work to be done urgently.