$ 10,870.00

The PB2034VXA Sand Blasting system is our flagship system. It is a high quality commercial pressure pot sand blasting system that performs at the top of its class.
The ergonomically design with electronically adjustable height makes it comfortable to use for any sized person and the unique vortex filtration system keeps your view clear while you work productively with the quality made pressure pot system. Get the best system on the market today; get the PB2034VXA.
• Inside Work Space: 86cm W x 52cm H x 49.5cm D.
• Outside Dimensions: 100cm W x 203cm H x 86cm D
• Shipping Weight: 260 kilos
• Power: 220 volt, 50 hz

• Hydraulic switch control height adjustability
• Auto re-feed Pressure Pot – No Mess
• Dual Door Access
• Foot switch control for ease of use
• Exceptional built in dust extraction
• Minimal foot print

Ergonomic Design

Exclusive ergonomic design adjusts vertically to fit users allowing you to work comfortably and more productively. It can also be used as a sit down model.

VORTEX Technology

VORTEX technology automatically separates the usable abrasive from the unusable abrasive, maximizing the recycle rate of your blasting media.

During blasting, VORTEX sends the abrasive into an airwash, which automatically filters the finest dust particles and debris from the usable abrasive. The dust and debris are directed into the HEPA filtration system, ultimately ending up in the disposable liner; the usable abrasive is redirected back into your system for reuse.

HEPA Filtration

The Premium Dust Collector incorporates 15 sq. ft. of efficient HEPA filtration and separation. Built-in HEPA filtration allows for separation and capture of 99.7% of the dust particles as you are sandcarving. As a result, your sandcarving work area remains cleaner at all times.

Clear Disposable Liner

This accessible, removable clear liner stores your unusable abrasive until you are ready to throw it out. The clear liner is attached to the lower chamber of the Premium Dust Filtration System; because the bag is transparent, you can easily see when it needs to be emptied.

Mechanical Shaker

Automatically removes excess debris from filtration bags.

100% Seam-welded

The system is built to last for years, 100% seam-welded, 14 & 16 gauge steel construction.


Epoxy powder coating on entire interior and exterior of cabinet.

Padded Arm Rests

The padded arm rests prevent stress to your forearms and provide added comfort while sandcarving.

Gloveless Sleeves

The large gloveless sleeves are made of a lightweight polyurethane, for easy mobility and handling of your products while sandcarving.

Dual Recessed Halogen Lights

The dual recessed halogen lighting provides the brightest lit sandcarving workspace on the market.

Oversized Viewing Window

609mm  x 304mm laminated safety glass provides superior visibility while sandcarving. The oversized viewing window can easily be replaced.

Exclusive Air Curtain

The Exclusive Max Flow Air Curtain directs air across your viewing window to remove dust and ensure maximum visibility while sandcarving. This process is made possible by a vent above the viewing window. Also, helps repel dust and overspray from your viewing window.

Full Size Dual Door Entry

The double-door entry provides easy access from both sides of the cabinet, and a large unrestricted space for moving the items in and out.

Locking Caster Wheels

Locking wheels give you the flexibility to move your system when required.

Heavy Duty Blasting Hose

The 10 ft. heavy duty hose is flexible and provides adequate sand flow and longer blasting usage.

Right and Left Hose Holes

The blasting hose can be used from the right or left side, so the system is as convenient for left-handed sandcarvers as it is for right-handed sandcarvers.

Foot Switch Valve

This new footswitch valve provides longer performance and is very low maintenance in comparison to the former footswitch valve. It also optimizes air and sand flow to your hoses.

Pressure Pot

This 23Kg ASME-certified pressure vessel houses the abrasive. It automatically filters out debris to prevent clogging. Our exclusive 45 degree angle design allows for a more consistent sandflow.

Centrifugal Air Exchange Motor

1/3 HP 3,450 rpm motor with die cast aluminum housing and radial blades.

Interior Air Suction

740 CFM interior airflow suction.

Carbide Nozzle

The durable 3/32 in. carbide nozzle is versatile and easy to use for any sandcarving project. It comes with an adapter and O-ring.

Pressure Regulator/Water Separator

This unit regulates the amount of air pressure and sand flow (PSI) being sent to your blasting hose/nozzle and efficiently separates the water content. We have combined the two functions into one unit to minimize space. Standard features include an auto-relieving moisture drain to remove water drops and oil from compressed air, a push-down locking adjustment knob to change pressure settings, pressure gauge, liquid level indicator and manual relieving valve.

Tech Support

Unlimited Technical Support and lifetime warranty on cabinet construction.

  • Overall: 990 mm W x 838mm D x 1993mm H
  • Inside Working Area: 863mm W x 558mm D x 609mm H
  • Door Opening: 508mm W x 539mm H
  • Shipping Weight: 260 kilos.
  • Power: 220 volt, 50 hz.


Height Adjustment

Electronically controlled height adjustment by way of a linear actuator.

Cabinet Construction

Precision cut 14 & 16 gauge steel cabinet infrastructure.

Centrifugal Air Exchange Motor

1/4 HP 3,450 rpm motor with die cast aluminum housing and radial blades.

Pressure Feed Vessel

ASME certified 70 lb. epoxy coated pressure pot with safety release valve

Blasting Pressures

3 psi to 100 psi.


15 sq. ft. HEPA filtration dust collector with PTFE teflon membrane. Captures 99.7% of dust particles.


609mm W x 304mm H two part laminate window.

Solid Rubber Blasting Hoses

Heavy duty braided 1/2″ outer diameter rubber sandblast hose with NPT fittings. 150 psi rated.

Pressure Lines

1/2″ & 1/4″ outer diameter airline. 300 psi rated.


Dual 90 watt recessed halogen lamps, totaling 2740 lumens. Bulb life rated at 2,000 hrs.


110V/220V, 60Hz/1Ph . Also available with 220V, 50Hz 1Ph.


Integrated water filter and air regulator with internal automatic filter drain, aluminum body, and nylon moisture sight glass.


Centrifugal air exchange with VORTEX Airwash Reclaimed Media.

Compressed Air Requirements

5.5 CFM (or greater) at 90 psi to facilitate blasting pressures of 30 psi using 3/32″ nozzle.

Quick connect couplers.
Mixing Valves

Separate airflow & sandflow valves.

Foot Switch Valve

Solid Aluminum body with contoured center core and durable tapered rubber tube sleeve.


Cabinet Construction: Lifetime Warranty.
Air Exchange Motor: 1 year.
Non-Wear Parts: 90 days.

Approximate Shipping Weight


Shipping Packaging:
Double walled corrugated packaging material.

No tools required. System is packaged completely assembled. Attach quick disconnect hoses, light bulbs and add media.

System Includes

20Kg bag of aluminum oxide and 3/32″ tungsten carbide nozzle.


Download the Brochure Here

Why does my foot switch have air blowing out of it when I am not stepping on it?

The problem lies in the Foot Pedal Actuator; here are three things you can check:

  1. It could be the (valve in-side the foot pedal housing) that is causing the problem. This occurs when the actuator has become loose and is misaligned allowing the top portion of the pedal’s tab to depress the actuator shaft (button) causing the valve to be a portion of the way depressed (open) allowing air the continue to flow through the pedal.
  2. It may also be that the actuator did not completely open (spring back) after you last stepped off the foot pedal.
  3. There could also be some dust / debris keeping the valve from completely opening (once your foot is off the pedal).
    Simple Fix:

    • Realign foot pedal actuator
    • Clean / lubricate existing actuator with WD40 to remove any dust or derbies from actuator shaft, or within the actuator, blow away any dust from the actuator shaft (button), possibly lubricate shaft, or replace the foot pedal and hoses.
    • To access the actuator remove the two screws on the sides of the pedal.
    • Remove BLUE supply hose and RED exhaust hose for internal lubrication and cleaning.
    • Replace the foot pedal and hoses your cost will be $115.00 (price includes a new modified actuator), unfortunately your style may have been discontinued which will require an up-grade.

I can’t get the air to stop coming out my hose. The foot pedal has no control. I have taken apart my entire assembly at the bottom of the pot, replaced the white block along with the rubber diaphragm.

This could only be caused by two possible problems:

1. Air-supply. The Pressure Pot requires at least 80psi supplied to the pot for the diaphragm to stop the flow of air and sand through the white valve body (lower media valve). The upper media valve requires a minimum 30psi greater pressure then your blasting pressure (shown on pot’s regulator). The upper media valve receives the unregulated air-supply from the compressor. Confirm your Air Compressor is set at the maximum air-output there should be no air restriction to the pot.
2. Foot Pedal Actuator. There is an actuator located in your foot pedal housing that interrupts the air supply when stepping on the pedal. When the pedal is not being depressed it is “normally open” meaning the air is flowing through it. Once you step on the pedal it allows the built up pressure in the lower media valve to force the diaphragm open and the sand and air to flow through the lower media valve and the blasting hose. If your sand and air is not stopping, possibly the foot pedal actuator is stuck closed or pressed in and will not spring back out. Open the foot pedal housing and confirm the actuator tab springs in and out when pressing the tab.

Does the exhaust vent on the 2034VX and 2648VX need to be vented outside?

No, the exhaust vent on the dust collector does not need to be vented outside; the dust collector does a superb job of collecting the dust and exhausting clear air. However, it is optional to install some flex tubing and exhaust to an outside wall.

Will the 2034VX Sandcarving Systems fit through my shop door?

The 2034VX Sandcarving System will fit through any  91cm wide doorway. If you have a smaller door entry, as an option, you can remove the padded arm rests; this will reduce the width of the sandcarving system to about 81cm allowing for an easier entrance.

How to Set up the PB2034

You will need some plumbers tape and a shifting wrench.
1. See manual that comes with your system for full diagrammed instructions.
2. The system comes on a pallet with all parts ready to connect. While still on the pallet unbolt it from the pallet and side one corner off and bolt on the industrial grade locking wheels. Repeat until all four wheels have been attached.
3. Connect the Sand Flow valve to the bottom of the pressure pot. Use plumbers tape on the thread.
4. Connect the foot pedal assembly by clicking in the hose fittings. It is impossible to get this wrong as each hose only fits one connection.
5. Connect the Blasting Hose to the sand flow valve. Use plumbers tape on the thread.
6. Place the nozzle end of the blasting hose through the left or right hole in the cabinet. Tape up the other hole.
7. Connect an air line from your compressor to the fitting at the regulator.
8. Insert the light bulbs into the light bulb sockets.
9. Open the cabinet door and poor in half a bag of abrasive into the hoper.

To Operate the system

1. Ensure both cabinet doors are closed. Set the height on the machine to a comfortable height by using the height adjustment switch on the left side of the cabinet. Your arms should rest comfortably on the padded arm rests and your back should not be bent over.
2. Set the air flow valve and sand flow valve to 50% on.
3. Turn on you compressor and set it’s regulator to an output of 80psi
4. Underneath the hopper on the left hand side there is a padded black lever. Push this lever forward and hold in that position with your left hand. This will close the lid of the pressure pot.
5. With your right hand open the air inlet value to fully on. With the Pressure Pot lid held closed the air will enter the pot and pressurise the chamber. Once pressurise you can let go of the back padded lever on the left.
6. For engravers, adjust the regulator supplied on the pressure pot to between 20-30 psi
7. The system is now ready to operate.
8. Turn the dust extractor and light on with the switch at the top left side of the cabinet.
9. Place your hands through the sleeves and take hold of the carbide nozzle.
10. Ensure the blast shot will not hit any part of you when the shot is activated
11. Activate the shot by pressing on the foot switch
12. To stop the shot flow remove your foot from the foot pedal