Technical Tips

ProBlast Offer its customers expert technical advice on a facets of sand blasting. With many years retail engraving experience out expert technical department can assist you with any technical issue. We also offer in training sessions on sand blasting.

Our goal is to make you an expert in sand blasting.

Here is a list of technical Tips to help you:


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SK2 Start Up Kit Content

Need to produce sandblasting stencils, quick and easily? Check out the what is included with the purchase of the Complete Mask Making Kit. This generous package includes everything you need to make your our sandblast masks.

Half Tone PhotoMask Production

Demonstration on producing a Halftone Photo showing basic steps in Photoshop and blasting techniques with SR3000 photo resist film.

Sandblast a Photograph on to a Glass Plate

Using the half tone image technique Liz shows us how to produce a stunning glass plate etching.

Clay Paver Etching

This video demonstrates the production of a clay paver etching

Wire Wheel Brush Demonstration

Using a wire wheel it removes air bubbles in SR3000 membrane

PB2034VXA The Worlds Most Advanced Sand blasting System

Liz Hass shows us the number 1 selling engravers sand blasting machine.

Get Better Wash Outs

Understanding the importance of your artwork print for excellent wash outs.

Applying Resist to an Extreme Curved Surface

This video provides a step by step instruction for applying SR3000™ photomask to an extreme curved surface. Instruction includes how to determine the natural curve of the glass for your artwork preparation and helpful tips to keep the design straight and removing the carrier film when applying the photomask.

Applying SR3000 to a Flat Surface

This video provides a step by step instruction of applying a photomask to a flat surface. Instruction includes, How to properly apply a photomask and what application tools are needed or available for applying a photomask.


AwardPro is an industry specific software program designed to assist the daily operations of a Trophy, Engraving, Promo retail business. The program allows you to write your customers orders directly into it and then it will work out your stock needs and create automatic supplier stock orders.

There are many other features and functions in AwardPro to suit your business needs. The program has been designed to allow you to use as many or as little functions as you desire.

Either way AwardPro allows you to take a job all the way from start to finish. It’s been tailored for your industry and designed to make what you do easier and faster.