What do I need to get started?

Learning the basics is easy. There is no difficult information to absorb, no lenghty technology to decipher, no large books to read. You’ll be etching straight away. It’s a process that you can teach to any employee at any level. Sand blasting is a craft and if you’re a professional in the new economy – it’s a craft worth learning.
What do you need to get started

Computer System and Software
Your existing computer and graphics software will probably do. You need software such as Corel Darw, Illustrator, Casmate to produce your artwork.


You need a good quality Laser printer or Ink Jet Printer to print your artwork out onto. If you use an Ink Jet Printer you use Ink Jet Film and if you use a laser printer you use either Vellum paper or Laser Film. ProBlast supply all of these media types. Ink Jets do produces a darker black which makes the exposure and wash out better but lasers still produce excellent results.

Exposure System and consumables
The artwork is exposed with Ultra Violet light to Sr200 Photo Mask Resist. The Letralite Exposure UNit is the best and easiest to use light system. See our ‘Start up kit No.2’



Wash out hose
Our specially designed Trigger Jet wash out hose connects straight to tap water for the wash out process. SR200 washes out in normal water very quickly leaving a perfect replication of the original artwork.

We sell and recomend good quality compressors for Sand Blasting application. See ‘Equipment’ on our website for more details.



Sand Blasting System
Which Etching System is right for you. We have two cabinet models the large Market proven Pressure Pot System and the the Small Minin Bench Blaster

PB2034VXA Pressure Pot System
The ultimate in engravers Sand Blasting System. Buit to not break down and last forever. All fittngs are of top quality standard. See ‘Equipment’ for more details



Mini Bench System
A great small system designed for the small operator or business with confied space.

ProBlast Technical support
We offer a thourough manual and proceedure document as well as video and training. Our Technical support is second to none.