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For Trophy Makers & Engravers
Versatile low entry cost engraving system that is easy to master and increases your engraving capabilities dramatically. You can engrave anything with sandcarving.
For Stone Engravers
Amazing CNC Automated sandblasting system with dust-free work environment production. Check out our Photographic Half Tone engraving solutions here.
For Artists & Creatives
Explore the creative etching possibilties with our quality sandblasting equipment and fine detail SR3000 PhotoMask sandblasting process. Any image can be etched with SR3000.
For Industrial Applications
Our range of high quality efficient sandblasting solutions for high tech industrial clean up processes offers a clean work environment and clear view blasting chamber.

Suppliers of High Quality Sandblasting Products and Resist Films

We provide a complete range of high quality sandblasting systems and mask making materials for the trophy, engraving, memorial, artistic and industrial industries. Our Products include the world’s
most reliable photopolymer resist – SR3000. We pride Ourselves in
quality products and helpful friendly technical support.

Featured Products

High quality ergonomic and auto-refill pressure pot sandblasting machine.
CNC Automated Sandblaster
Brilliant etching solution for large panel flat surface sandblasting.
SR3000 PhotoMask Resist
The worlds leading PhotoMask stencil resist. One type of film fits all.
Complete Mask Making Kit ON SALE
Save $200 on the Complete Mask Making Start Up Kit. While Stocks Last.
“We pride ourselves in offering you the best equipment & technical advice in the industry”
Geoff Warleigh (Founder)

Mask Making Service

We can produce prepared resists ready to sandblast at an economically viable price. So when you’re under the pump and have a large run of sandblasting we can help by producing your masks for you in a fast time frame.

Sandcarve Etching Service

ProBlast offer economically viable etching services for resellers (Trophy, Engraving, Promotional Products companies). No job is too big or too small for our expert sand blasting production service.

Pressure Pot Sandblasting Systems and PhotoMask Resist

ProBlast PhotoEtch Systems are Australia's Leading supplier of Sandblasting Equipment including Pressure Pot Sandblasting Machines and CNC Automated Sandblasting Systems. We carry a range of sandblasting machines to suit high end Industrial applications and sandblasting for engraving purposes. | We also offer the exceptional Rayzist SR3000 PhotoMask product for fines detail photographic mask making which can create exceptional fine detailed sandblasting mask making solutions for sandblast engraving such as Glass Etching, Metal Engraving, wood etching and stone engraving. The wholesale Bravo Crystal blanks awards and trophies range available to validated retailers are ideal for sandblast engraving. | For the monument Industry our CNC automated sandblasting system is an ideal dust free automated sandblasting system that provides exceptional depth control and automation for engraving stone monuments. Couple this with our range of sandblasting tapes including halftone stencil production and you have an exceptional and sandblasting solution. | ProBlast PhotoEtch Systems are the Australian and NewZealand Distributors for Rayzist PhotoMask Products, ABRA Technologies, AwardPro and Bravo Crystal. Our sandblasting for engravers training, tech support and customer service is renouned. You get the best sandblasting and sandblasting stencil solution products for engravers sandblasting solutions at ProBlast.