We are offering good reseller prices for quality guaranteed cast bronze plaques. You’ll find our prices very competitive and we’ll recommend to you the appropriate retail price for the job so you are in the ball park for the job pricing. Cast Bronze Plaques last forever and are a good add on for your business. You don’t need to apply labour as we will do the artwork for the and get your approval for production. The result will be a quality product that your customers will love you for.

Cast Bronze plaques are made in any shape or size. Made normally with Embossed letters raised above background. The Background is baked acrylic enamel for a durable, resilient weather proof finish. Dark brown background is the traditional standard but a range of colours are available. Vandal resistant mounting is achieved by cast-in thread lugs on the rear of the plaque. Cast Bronze Plaques are one of the toughest plaques available.

Outdoor Rating: Excellent
Durability: Excellent

Cast Bronze Plaque