AwardPro Software

AwardPro is an industry specific software program designed to assist the daily operations of a Trophy, Engraving, Promo retail business. The program allows you to write your customers orders directly into it and then it will work out your stock needs and create automatic supplier stock orders.

There are many other features and functions in AwardPro to suit your business needs. The program has been designed to allow you to use as many or as little functions as you desire.

Either way AwardPro allows you to take a job all the way from start to finish. It’s been tailored for your industry and designed to make what you do easier and faster.

Key Features

  • Business Operation Cost Centre
  • Product Costing
  • Inventory System
  • Quote and Sales Order System
  • Automated Stock Ordering linked to Inventory.
  • Stock Receiving and Sorting
  • Component and Product Import System
  • Job Scheduling System
  • Department Work List
  • Cash Book
  • Customer Statements

Using AwardPro in Your Business

AwardPro can be purchased outright or by annual subscription. The program comes with the main supplier products already installed.

Installation is by download method and after trial period you will need a security key to operate the program.

To download the latest installation files click here.

AwardPro Data Files

New producst and component lists from suppliers can be imported into AwardPro.

You can create the files yourself (manipulate supplier data files) or purchase the files from ProBlast ready to upload.

Technical Support

AwardPro is an Industry Specific software program that was created in 2009 for the trophy and engraving industry. It is built on a SQL database and Windows 7 platform. It has been successfully installed on Windows 10 and 11 platforms but we cannot guarantee that it will work on current windows platforms. 

The most Current version of AwardPro is

The program uses a HASP security key that must be inserted 

For further Tech Support information: