Blast Ready Resists Made Fast For You

We can produce prepared resists ready to sandblast at an economically viable price. So when you’re under the pump and have a large run of sandblasting or just want to farm out the prep work we can help by producing your masks for you in a fast time frame.

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"Send us print ready artwork, we send blast ready resist"

How It Works

What to Provide Us
1. You create finished artwork including gang sheet layout.
2. Allow minimum 10mm space around artwork for resist border.
3. Set file with orientation for front or back etching.
4. Provide logos in Vector format. Convert all text to curves.
Any files not provided in the above format will incur processing charges.

What we will provide You
> Ready to blast SR3000 self sticking resist in 3mil unless otherwise requested.
> Resist will be laid out the same way you provided to us.
> Multiple resists are provided in gang sheets.
> Production time: 3 working days from art files received ready to print (std format)

Sheet Formats
Standard: 35cm x 21cm - 3 days Production.
Large: 65cm x 43cm - 3 days Production.
Extra Large: up to 106cm x 132cm - 3-4 weeks Production
Half Tone Work add 1 extra day to above.

Photo Halftone Service

Photographic images can be produced using SR3000 PhotoMask Resist and the sandcarving process. We provide a halftone PhotoMask service producing blast ready photostencils for you if you don’t want to do the preparation artwork. Any high resolution image can be turned into a half tone resist.


Your photograph should be as high a resolution as possible. Low res images can be worked on through Photoshop but will not give the same result as high res images. Images should be at least as big as they are to be engraved whenever possible.

Backgrounds can be removed or modified to bring out the subject. Think about the preferred look before submitting your job.

Let us know what colour material the halftone will be etched onto so we can set the image to negative or positive halftone. For dark material – positive halftone is best. For light material – negative halftone is best.