CNC AutoB Abrasive Consumption

I have done some calculations on abrasive consumption, but the most important thing to note is that there is truly loads of factors that can influence the calculations and those are only illustrative. (Most of our specialists told me that it’s impossible and not worth calculations, because it changes so much, however I did some purely theoretical work)

  • Sandmaster Pro can fit 50kg of abrasive in the tank. 
  • The whole tank (50kg) will empty in around 20min.
  • After that the 40 seconds decompression is happening, but make the calculations possible I need count only the working time of the machine (without the decompression time).

In one hour this is 150kg of abrasive, which you need to divide with the possible cycle of abrasive – and this is a big variable.

The abrasive we have (brown fused alumina 40 grit) has a life cycle of about 20 returns (one grain can be used about 20 times).
So if you want to count this one it will be:

50kg – 20min/ x 3
150kg – 60 min (1h)
150kg : 20 cycles = 7,5kg/1h

But if you want to use a better abrasive for example the white fused alumina, which cycle is about 100 returns (one grain can be used about 100 times), you will receive this:

150kg : 100 cycles = 1,5kg/h

Please note that we do not take responsibility or give guarantee that any of those calculations will be fulfilled. All of those calculations are only illustrative and there is a number of variables that can influence the final result like the humidity or the most importantly the hardness and type of the stone.
The harder the stone is the faster abrasive is wearing off.  

Author: Magdalena Czekaj