LazerMask Tips and Tricks

In this article we will go over how to use LazerMask and offer some tips to get the best out of the LazerMask as a sandblast resist.

Lazer Settings

When laser engraving your material with LazerMask, we recommend that you increase the raster settings (engraving power) between 5% – 10% depending on your material. This will ensure to go through the LaserMask and your material at the same time. Alternatively you can run your job twice without moving the material if you require deeper results.

General power settings are:

Wattage and resolution settings will affect laser burning times, results may vary.

  • Low wattage Lasers - 25-35 watt 45-65% Speed x 100% Power
  • Mid – High wattage Lasers - 40-80 watt 80% Speed x 70-100% Power

Paint can be applied right away. Allow sufficient enough time for it to dry, before carefully and slowly removing the LazerMask.

Step By Step:

  1.  Remove clear protective film.
  2.  Apply LazerMask to your item and burnishing down making sure all air has been pushed out and that you have a firm adhesion.
  3. Laser engrave the image through the LazerMask and into the material. Before moving the item check to ensure the lasering was successful.
  4. Sandblast the item with the LazerMask still on.
  5. Paint fill if desired while LazerMask is still on.
  6. Remove lazerMask when satisfied the sandcarving has been successful.