Siphon V's Pressure Pot

There are two types of sandblasting machines available: Siphon (or cyclone system) and Pressure pot systems. Siphon systems rely on suction to vacuum up abrasive form the hopper which is then mixed with air and delivered as blast shot. Pressure pots rely on a pressurised chamber to compress the abrasive and force feed it into the airflow system provide high intensity torque in the delivery of the shot. Pressure pot systems have more punch, bang for their buck.

A pressure pot system will etch faster than a siphon system due to the increased force output by the pressurised chamber. You can get about double the production using a pressure pot system over a siphon system.

Siphon Systems are simpler sandblasting machine and cost less. Pressure pots cost more because of the more complex system which includes a pressure chamber. The higher price for a pressure pot system is justified by the dramatic increase of production the pressure pot sandblasting system offers.

The Problast PhotoEtch Systems Pressure Pots are all designed for high quality fine detail production. The offer clean and bright working space and quality parts to ensure you get continuous high level production. The auto-refill pressure pot systems are ideal as they prevent dust leakage into the work environment. Abrasive re-fill is done without and mess or dust.

We have a good range of Pressure Pot Sandblast systems available including:

The most popular PB2034VXA System

  • Auto Refill Pressure Pot
  • Vortex abrasive separator and extraction system keeping the cabinet blast zone clear
  • Ergonomic hydraulic height adjuster.
  • High quality moving parts.

The clever CNC AutoBlast Sandblasting System

  • 1200 x 1200 blast area
  • CNC automatic blasting
  • Excellent reclaim that keeps the air clear while blasting
  • Auto stop – refill - restart