Rayzist Sandblasting Machine Maintenance

Sandblasting machines require very little regular mainenance. The main thing is to keep the Vortex Hepa Filtration System clean and working optimally.

Daily Maintenance

  • Use the Filter Rattler regularly during the day to shake the dust off the inside on the teflon lined HEPA filtration bags. 
  • Wipe down the veiwing glass inside and out for continuous clear view of the blasting process.
  • At the end of the day switch off the compressor and release the air from the tank. Then release any water from the compressor tank and seperator filters to keep the air that is reaching the sandblasting machine dry.

Periodic Maintenance

  • Check the nozzle orifice diameter and replace the nozzle once it gets too worn. A worn orifice becomes larger than the original size which is ok for a while but eventually the enlarged size will reduce power of the blast and reduce the speed of blasting.
  • Replace the HEPA Filter bags when the teflon lining gets worn and the machine dust seperation system is affected. The Vortex separation system keeps your blasting area clear for optimal viewing.  It also separates waste particles from good abrasive, thus keeping your blasting abrasive sharp and uncontaminated for faster production.  Meaning great quality, less issues and continuous, efficient production.

Here is a great video by Liz Haas on how to change the HEPA Filter bags.