Troubleshooting: CNC AutoBlaster

The following information helps you resolve issues that may arise during operation of the CNC Autoblaster.


Abrasive stops flowing while running the machine, but the machine continues motion.

  • The machine may have a blockage preventing it from delivering oxide to the nozzle, check the following:
  • Check for a blockage in the nozzle,
  • Check for blockage in the sandblasting hose,
  • Check for blockage in the sand flow block,
  • There may not be enough oxide in the pressure pot and the sensor did not detect that to stop and recycle the oxide.

Machine won’t start

  • Check that the Emergency STOP switch is not pushed in,
  • Check that there is power to the unit from the power point,
  • Check that all circuit breakers are switched on in the back of the unit,
  • Faulty proximity sensor shorting the 24v power supply.

The Machine is Recycling oxide too many times in a short period

  • Check there is sufficient Sand in the pressure pot,
  • The proximity sensor may need to be recalibrated.

The Machine is blasting but does not seem to remove material when blasting

  • The oxide has broken down and is no longer cutting thru the material, replace the oxide.

The machine is blasting in only one plane

  • The Motor on the X or Y axis may have failed,
  • Check if there is a RED light on the stepper motor driver, if the is the stepper motor is faulty and needs to be replaced.