What do I need to get Started

Getting started in PhotoMask sandcarving is easy and relatively inexpensive. The process itself is easy to learn and you will be sandcarving from day one. You will need these tools and supplies to get started:

Graphics Software

Create your artwork with any graphics software package that can produce black and white images.

CorelDraw is the standard software used in the Trophy and Engraving Industry.

Printer for Artwork Output

You can use a Laser Printer or an Ink Jet printer to produce your film positives (artwork from computer)

We recommend Ink Jet as it produces the best black print.

Exposure System

Choose from a variety of exposure systems. The most popular and economical exposure system is the Letralite Exposure Unit.

Check out the Complete Masking Kit

Washout Tool

Our specially designed Trigger Jet wash out hose connects straight to tap water for the wash out process. SR3000 washes out in normal water very quickly leaving a perfect replication of the original artwork.

 The washout hose comes with the Complete Masking Kit

Sandblasting System

Get sandblasting equipment designed specifically for the sandcarve engraving process.

We recommend our PB2034VXA system as the ultimate Automatic recycling pressure pot system.


A good compressor is essential for sandblast engraving.

We don't sell compressors but we do highly recomend 14-17cfm Chicago Sillent Compressors at Sydney Tools.

Happy Customers

With sandcarving you get to say yes more often and you get to deliver quality work every time.

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