WHS Clean Up with Dustless Sandblasting

Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is essential in any industry, particularly when it comes to processes like sandblasting. Traditionally, sandblasting generated hazardous abrasive dust, posing risks to worker health and safety. However, with the advent of dustless sandblasting machines, organizations can easily comply with workplace health and safety standards while creating a better work environment for their staff.

Our dustless sandblasting systems utilise an efficient and effective vacuum head over the blasting nozzle. A simple rubber nozzle cover ensures separation of blast output and the vacuum so that the blast pressure and vacuum force are not diluted or diffused. Not only do you get excellent spent abrasive removal you also get excellent abrasive cleaning and automatic recycling back into the pressure pot. This filtering means you can use your abrasive far mor times than sept up contaminated abrasive re-use, which in turn saves you money daily on consumables.

The vacuum system works and many companies all over the world are embracing this advanced technology and making not only a much cleaner and healthier work environment but also a far less laborious workplace.

Dustless sandblasting significantly minimizes the release of abrasive dust into the air, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and protecting the health of workers. By reducing airborne dust, dustless sandblasting improves the work environment dramatically.

Companies striving for continuous improvement in the workplace and better profits in the tougher “cost of doing business” will benefit quickly with these revolutionary sandblasting systems.