CNC AutoBlaster - Spare Parts You Should Carry

We carry a full range of spare parts for the AutoB in our Sydney warehouse to ensure you keep your machine running. We can dispatch same day of order and depending on where you are located the shipping time is pretty fast. However there are a few items that we recommend keeping in stock so that there is no down time. Here are some suggestions:


Blasting Nozzle

Your AutoB comes with a 5mm Nozzle and this is a wearing part. When the orifice wears and becomes bigger, and usually distorted, it will affect the efficiency and quality of the blast and also increase the noise the machine makes.


If you are blasting 2-3 days per week it is likely that you will need to replace at least once or twice a year. So having one on hand ready to go is a good idea.

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Air Stream Short Nozzle

This is an important part that forms condensed air prior to entering the Blast nozzle taking the brunt of the force and preserves the life of the nozzle.

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Nozzle Washer

If you are going to keep a nozzle on hand then you might as well have the washer in stock as well.

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Nozzle Fastening Fitting

This nozzle assembly part can stop you from being able to blast so we highly recommend having one on hand.

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CNC-Head Elbow

This part cops the abrasive flow as it turns the flow towards the nozzle. It's guaranteed to blow out eventually so having one on hand minimizes the down time.

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