All About LazerMask

LazerMask™ is an extremely durable masking film and designed to be used with your CO2 or YAG Laser. It is used to:

  1. As an alternative to SR300 expose and wash out process to create sandcarving stencils via a laser engraving machine for businesses with limited space, limited access to water for wash out, don’t want to undergo the Photomask process. You can laser engrave the stencil on the product and then sandblast to achieve high quality glass etching.
  2. As a fracture reduction for laser engraving glass
  3. As a mask for after engraving paint filling

The film is coated with a high tack adhesive for superior bond strength. LazerMask™ is a tough film and able to endure sandcarving natural stone, but able to provide a surface etch for fine crystal. LazerMask cleans easily with no residue left behind.

LazerMask Features

  • LazerMask™ sandcarving film creates high resolution designs.
  • Very easy To Use. Apply LazerMask™ to the substrate. Laser to create a stencil and sandcarve. The film removes easily providing a quick clean up.
  • LazerMask™ sandcarving film is perfect for curved surfaces due to the flexibility of the film. Use LazerMask on odd shapes by stretching the mask over the substrate.
  • LazerMask™ sandcarving film has a layer of high tack adhesive for superior bond strength. Great for stone, wood, glass, spirit bottles and ceramic surfaces.
  • Achieve depth in glass and stone. This laser sandcarving film is perfect for a laser engraver desiring to etch depth in glass, crystal, wood and stone.
  • LazerMask™ is also ideal for adding a Color Fill to the sandcarved surface. The laser mask film peels easily even with a painted surface.
  • LazerMask™ Sandcarving Film does not contain PVC and will not harm the laser.


How does LazerMask™ work?

Apply LazerMask™ to the substrate. Laser the LazerMask™, the laser will burn the image creating the stencil. Once the stencil is created, place substrate in sandcarving system to achieve the desired depth.

What materials can I use with LazerMask™?

A – LazerMask™ can be applied to glass, crystal, wood, metals and natural stone such as granite, pavers, bricks, tile and river rock.

B – If blasting unpolished surfaces such as concrete or bricks, additional adhesive such as RZ2 maybe required, apply RZ2 to LazerMask™.

Do I use a vector or raster image for LazerMask™?

A raster image is recommended. If a vector image is used, weeding will be required for the design.

Can I add a paint fill application with LazerMask™?

Leave the LazerMask™ on the substrate after sandcarving, then apply paint to the etched area.

What is the difference between LazerMask™ and other laser tapes?

A – LazerMask™ is easy to remove from the surface, especially after using a paint fill application.

B – LazerMask™ is also very durable and can withstand 220, 150 and 120 abrasive at high pressure.