Sandcarving V's Laser Engraving on Glass

Glass and Crystal
Whilst laser Engraving is excellent for many materials engravings, it's not so good when it comes to glass and crystal. It gives a slightly rough and dull texture and produces a slightly rough edge. In comparison Sandcarving glass and crystal produces a very sharp edge and a consistent bright frosted finish. Compared next to each other sandcarving stands out as the quality option for glass engraving.

Sandcraving provides the engraver with un-paralleled versatilty

Glass and Crystal Quality and Versatility

Glass and Crystal come in various qualities and lasers are sensative to this. They don't like lead content glass or crystal and they can be patchy on low quality glass where the molecules are inconsitient resulting in inconsistent work and often the need to re-run a piece. With sandblasted glass or crystal you get the same quality regardless of glass quality.

Sandcarving onto glass gives the engraver fantastic versatilty. You can sandcarve any surface that you can get a resist onto. It can be any shape. You can also get creativce with your art design work as sandcarving is quite happy to etch large areas with creative artwork which takes very little extra time to blast.