Tough Vinyl Mask Tape at competitive prices.

Our ProBlast Sandblasting Vinyl Mask is designed to stick well to any stone surface and still be easy to remove. For our stone engraving business we mainly produce sandblasted engravings onto exfoliated stone surfaces so we needed to ensure our mask works well on rough surfaces. ProBlast Vinyl Mask has super tack to achieve reliable blasting on smooth and rough surfaces. It’s designed to work on the hardest to adhere to surfaces and so smooth surface sandblasting is no problem for ProBlast Vinyl.

Price wise the film is well placed in the bulk-use market place at just $10.50* per square meter so not only is it a reliable vinyl option but it is also competitive. 

When it comes to cutting the ProBlast Vinyl Mask on a plotter it also performs well. We have found it cuts better than other vinyl products we have tried and gives a reliable consistent cut with no distortion. Of course using the right cutter in your vinyl cutter helps. We use a Cemented Carbide Blade specially made for sandblasting stencils.

ProBlast Sandblasting vinyl is a great new vinyl mask which is selling well in the Australian market place. It’s competitively priced and tested to perform well onto any stone surface. Give it a try here

*Pricing based on 2022 prices