Why Sandcarve

Sandcarving provides the most versatile engraving solution available and at very low cost compared to other engraving processes. You can engrave almost anything that is non-rubber and any shape.

 A relatively inexpensive outlay for the equipment provides you with a machine that will last a life time. For around the cost of a replacement laser tube you can invest in a sandcarving system. A sandcarving system does not necessarily replace a laser engraving system in your business; it compliments it and provides you with an engraving platform that is in many cases faster and easier to engrave certain types of jobs. We call it “The Panadol for Engravers”. Many complex jobs with large set up times and risky or complicated engraving processes can very quickly be sandcarved saving you time and making you money on jobs where you can’t capture the return on the time put into the job.

 No other process comes close when it comes to engraving glass. It does not matter what quality the glass, sandcarving produces a magnificent bright, sharp frosted finish that is by far superior to any other commercial glass engraving process. When you compare a laser engraved wine glass to a sandcarved one the lasered item looks dull and as if something went wrong. For businesses that want to provide the best quality glass engraving sandcarving is a must.

 Metal Engraving is a long engraving process. To CNC cutter engrave you need skilled workers and professionally sharpened cutters. It is noisy and takes a long time to do. You can laser engrave using messy and smelly chemical coat and burn products or through fibre engraving to change the surface colour of the metal. These processes are very slow and don’t give the quality result of sandcarved and paint filled metal. In many cases the sandblasting process is dramatically faster when doing bulk runs.

 Sandcarving is also fun to do. Most people enjoy the process and love the result. You can get really creative with design work and because of the blast over surface process it does not take much longer to do than less creative work.

 For the relatively small investment of setting up a sandcarving system in your business you get fast return of investment, a quick to learn and easy to do process and the versatility of being able to engrave anything except for rubber.