CNC: Solve Labour Issues in Your Stone Engraving Business

With today’s environment of staff shortages, reliability, and quality of staff that is available it’s a good time to look at streamlining your production flow with Automation.

The CNC Automated Blasting System helps to reduce labour skillsets and improve production staff working conditions and at the same time will provide you with a modern engraving platform that will revolutionise the way you produce stone engraving.

A job that takes 30 minutes to blast will run while your team are preparing the next stone or cleanup the one just done. The machine can run all day and fatigue of manual blasting is reduced to zero. And as a bonus you get fantastic consistently even engraving because the CNC stays at the same exact distance to surface all day every day. Plus, it covers the area consistently throughout the controlled settings that you implement. It is modern day automation of your production process that will increase not only productivity but also profits in your business.

 Consider the cost of the machine is equal to roughly a single production persons annual wage. So, you’re return on investment is covered in the first year simply by the labour savings. That is not even considering production efficiency. As one of our happy CNC customers says “It’s a no brainer decision”

Of course, when you buy equipment, you want great quality made products with a renowned manufacturer and a responsive service. ProBlast bring you exactly that. Local service and parts, local training and support and a European manufacturer dedicated to quality made, long lasting and efficient manufacturing equipment. The CNC AutoBlaster brings you transformative, easy to use technology. You do not need highly skilled operators. The controller is simple and can be learnt in an hour.

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