Fast Finance and bulk shipment special offer

We have four systems coming in early 2023 and good savings are on offer through amortised shipping.

Schedule for delivery late February, three systems are still available and we have reduced the price due to bulk shipping savings and manufacturer discounting. It's the best time to automate your business. Request a quote today for your business.

Easy Finance Option

We have teamed up with Ecolease to provide you with fast access to low-doc finance. No big list of records required, no P&L's needed. Approval is usually 48 Hours. For as little as $35.00 per work day over 5 years you can chnage over to a dustless and automated sandblasting system.

Click Here for finace details

Delivery and set up

CNC Systems are shipped in a crate. A forklift is handy but we can arrange a drop down tailgate. The system is 96% already set up, just a few screws and you are ready. You will need a 15amp power point. All power cables feed into the ditribution board and only one power lead goes to the wall.

Training, Support and Spare Parts

With a few video lessons and discussions we can get you up and running in an hour. It is that simple. We can also optionally arrange to visit your site for inhouse training. Support is ongoing so you can call us anytime during business hours for phone support.

We carry a full range of spare parts locally so in most cases delivery is overnight


CNC systems are being installed all over Australia and stone engraving companies are reaping the benifits of automation. Efficient and consistent sandblasting with no dust is now being produced in all states of Australia and companies are revolutioniosing the way the produce headstones.

I asked a stone engraver, as he gazed at their first headstone being automatically engraved, if he realised that the old tin shed and protective space suit is a thing of the past. He looked at me with a glow in his eyes and a slightly bewildered look. It had not sunk in yet how dramatically different his work life had become.