Job Clean Up 2


This document explains paint filled job clean ups, cleaning liquids to use with different materials and good housekeeping for efficient production.

Cleaning up paint filled surfaces

After an item has been sandblasted and paint filled and allowed to dry, peel the main resist off the item. Then allow more drying time to help dry the exposed edges of resist.

Now it’s time to remove the small parts of resist from the item. There are several methods to remove the centres of letters:

  • With a pair of tweezers pinch the edge of the resist to remove. Press down on the resist and pinch/squeeze it to grip the resist without touching the surface of the material.
  • With a ProBlast Plastic Miracle Blade (not on polished surfaces e.g. brass).
  • With tape, place tape on top of centre, push firmly then lift.

Which cleaning liquids to use for different surfaces

It is important to use the correct cleaning product to restore the item to its original state, using the incorrect product will damage the item.

The following list shows what to use on what surface:

  • Acrylic: Meguiars Acrylic Polish/Glass Cleaner/turps, use a soft cloth/micro fibre. Do not use alcohol such as mentholated spirits or Isopropanol as this is likely to craze the surface after a few hours.
  • Brass: Turps/Mr sheen/Mentholated spirits, use a soft cloth/micro fibre.
  • Mirror brass/stainless steel: Turps/IPA-Isopropyl Alcohol, use a soft cloth/micro fibre.
  • Wood: Turps - glass cleaner, use a soft cloth.
  • Stone: Turps, glass cleaner.
  • Glass/Crystal: glass cleaner, use a soft cloth/micro fibre.

Clean up after the job and start next job

Once the Job is complete: RESET!!!

  • Clean-up your work space.
  • Ensure you have adequate space to commence the next job.
  • Prepare tools for the next job.
  • Prepare stock and check it’s correct and free of damage.
  • Unpack job stock efficiently for efficient repacking of job.

In Summary

  • Paint filled surface use tweezers to remove centres.
  • Choose the correct cleaning product and cloth.
  • Always RESET before starting the next job.