Gold Shovels - Sell them and Profit

Gold Shovels can be lucrative work that creates good profits for your efforts. Clients are usually people construction companies involved in massive projects and are prepared to pay good money for these special keepsakes. We have put together a media kit to help you get the product up on your website quickly.

Gold shovels are ideally sandblasted but some do use laser engraving and even vinyl letting to imprint them. For the non-sandblasters out there (poor souls) we do offer a sandblast engraving service to re-sellers. Shovels can be sandblast etched which leaves a lovely contrasting white frosted finish or they can be Sandblasted, and paint filled.

Our Gold shovels come in a convenient box that is used for shipping to save you looking for something suitable. They are well protected and presented. The shovel is spade section is gold plated and so is the handle supports which gives a very classy look.

The media kit includes:

  • Images ready for upload
  • Template for artwork
  • An upload spread sheet that you can manipulate to suit your process.
  • A buy and sell spread sheet that you can manipulate to suit your profit ideal.

We also have set a recommended retail price that provides you with good profits. Let’s all make good money on the complicated work we do.

To download the media kit you need to be a logged into your account and selected as a validated reatiler.

Click here to download the gold shovel media kit.