Troubleshooting: Paint Filling


The following will allow you to troubleshoot issues that may arise when paint filling.

When I remove my resist the paint comes out.

  1. Too much paint has been applied and the thickness of the paint is keeping the paint attached.
  2. The paint has not fully cured.

I get Jiggered edges.

  1. The paint has not been allowed to cure for a sufficient amount of time.
  2. Too much paint has been applied.

After peeling off the main part of the resist, I get smudges when it start removing the small parts such as the centre of letters.

  1. The paint is not fully dried through. The surface may feel dry but the paint not exposed to air is still wet. This is because either a. You have not allowed enough time for the paint to cure. b. The paint layer is too thick   c. It is too cold or too hot for the paint to dry -- you may need to adjust the temperature of the drying room.

    It is often a good idea to peel off the main area of the resist and then leave the remainder until the next day before peeling off the small bits of resist, giving the exposed edges plenty of time to dry.

Painted area has speckles in it.

  1. Spray nozzle contaminated. Clean it.
  2. Need to dust area very well before applying paint.
  3. You are working in a dusty environment and dust is settling onto the wet paint.

I can see the abrasive texture through the painted surface.

  1. The paint is too thin, you need to apply more light coats to cover the area.