Sandmaster J+ - Dustless Portable Sandblasting System
Sandmaster J+ - Dustless Portable Sandblasting System

Sandmaster J+ - Dustless Portable Sandblasting System

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Sandmaster Junior Plus is a sandblasting machine with a closed abrasive circuit designed for processing headstones in a factory or on-site.

The machine is equipped with a cyclone system of separation and filtration. Closed-circuit prevents harmful dust from going outside the sandblasting area. This machine can be used without a cabinet enclosure. Given this simple structure and low air requirement, this sandblasting machine is surprisingly inexpensive to use.

Highly efficient, average time on tombstone sandblasting is 15 minutes.  Advanced engineering solutions, such as self-regulating abrasive valve Pneumatic system of shaking off the dust from the filter Cyclone system of separation and filtration Electro-pneumatic control system. Easy to disassemble and transport. Comes with a decompression system that lowers the pressure in the tank in a few seconds.



Highly advanced dustless sandblasting machine featuring a closed abrasive circuit equipped with a complex system of double separation of abrasive, dust filtration, and filter cleaning system. A highly advanced clean and efficient system for manual blasting of engraving without the need for booth or blasting suit.

The Sandblasting Arm can be added to the abrasive blasting machine to add more consistent etching and operator comfort.


  • Dustless Operation due to quality reclaim head and vacuum 
  • Clean work area environment
  • Remove operator fatigue


  • High efficiency, the average time of sandblasting tombstones is 15 minutes
  • Advanced Self-adjusting abrasive valve
  • Pneumatic filter flap system
  • Cyclone separation and filtration system
  • Electro pneumatic control system
  • Fast compression release system
  • Low air consumption, only 700 l / min
  • Automatic and dustless abrasive re-fill
  • Low abrasive sensor
  • Compact and sturdy construction
  • Simple to operate


Leveling Arm allows the operator to easily control the sandblasting process. The Leveling Arm secures the blasting head over the headstone which allows the operator to glide the blasting head over the stone with no effort.