Glass Artists use our SR3000 PhotoMask product to create fine detail masks for etching intricate detail into their glass work. Combine SR3000 with our range of clean and efficient sandblasters and you have the perfect highly accurate and efficient etching process. Our systems and products are endorsed by leading glass artists and schools in Australia.

SR3000 PhotoMask SandBlasting Resist

SR3000 PhotoMask creates intricate and accurate stencils for etching into your art piece surface.

The process is fast, easy to do and will reliably create tough sandblasting resists to etch your art pieces safely and accurately. Very fine detail can be achieved with crisp sharp edges. Even halftone image production can be created. If you want to add paint fill or creative media such as glass powder do so while the resist is still on your piece to get perfect fill.

Production Steps are:
> Create artwork in black and white and print onto transparency film
> Expose artwork transparency onto SR3000 through UV light source
> Spray wash with warm water to develop the resist stencil
> Apply to your art piece. SR3000 is self-sticking
> Sandblast using abrasive blasting medium

Highly Efficient Sandblasting Systems

Keep your workshop clean using sandblasting systems specially designed for engraving. Our systems are designed to be efficient for engraving and frosting purposes. They have excellent dust extraction so your inside cabinet work space is kept clear for high detail vision and minimum abrasive wastage. The smart under hopper pressure pot can be re-filled without any dust escaping, making your production clean and safe. The PB2034VXA also has a hydraulic height adjustment so that no matter your height you can sandblast at your own comfort level.

If you are looking for a clean, quiet and precise sandblasting system the ProBlast Range is for you.

Featured Artists

Holly Grace
Kate Baker
Kevin Godon
Wendy Fairclough

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