Nothing Beats the Versatility of Sandcarving

Sandcarving adds un-paralleled versatility to any engraving or trophy business. Its versatility comes from being able to engrave almost anything with the one low entry cost engraving system. With this one engraving system you can engrave any quality of glass, any type of metal, any timber item and any rock, stone or ceramic.

Sandcarving in your business allows you to say yes to more jobs and makes difficult jobs easy. It makes complicated engraving jobs quick, easy and profitable. It's also an enjoyable engraving process that most people get immense satisfaction from.

We provide quality training and technical support to ensure the best sandcarving experience

Offer your customers the quality of sandcarved products and stand out in the crowd.
The low entry costs makes it affordable and pays for itself quickly.

Q: What can be Sandcarved? A: Any material except rubber or soft plastic

Glass and Crystal of any quality
You get a very frosted and sharp edged finish through Sandcarving.
Any type of Metal can be sandcarved
All types of metal can be surface etched leaving a permanent marking. Add paint fill and you have very easy and quick to do metal engraving.
Any Timber Surface can be engraved
Sharp detail work can be achieved and with a quick light black paint spray you get a finish like laser burn but without the patchy finish that a laser produces.
Any type of Stone or composite
Engrave stone with ease and get fast, fantastic results into any stone including bricks, ceramic tiles, granite, rocks.

Product Highlights for Engravers

Pressure Pot Sandblasters
Our blasters are designed for engravers with clean work space and precise engraving in mind.
SR3000 Self-Sticking Resist
The world's best PhotoMask resist comes with great tech support to make sure you become an expert.
LazerMask for Laser Engravers
Create sandcarving masks with your laser or use LazerMask to create perfect paint fill masking for laser engraving.
Bravo Crystal Blanks
Bravo Crystal (formerly JIP range) A select range of high quality crystal trophy blanks for the trophy industry.

Sandcarving Introductory Videos