Looking for a high end sandblasting machine that is highly efficient, clean to work with and has a clear viewing while blasting? Our specialised sandblasting systems are perfect for High end precision production.

Delicate Clean Up Operations

Delicate clean up tasks
The PB2034VXA Pressure Pot Sandblasting system is loaded with quality features and is used for high end abrasive clean ups such as die cleaning, fuel cells, medical equipment, and precise engineered componentry.

> Auto-Refill Pressure Pot for fast clean abrasive reload.
> Vortex Technology and Air Curtain to keep the chamber clean for good viewing.
> Foot pedal operation that reduces operator fatigue.
> Ergonomic hydraulic height adjustment built to comfortably suite any user.
> Premium Dust Filtration System.
> Dual door opening for efficient work flow
> Life time guarantee on cabinet construction.

CNC AutoBlast Sandblasting System

Our CNC AutoBlaster is an automatic sandblast system specifically designed to blast headstones and large flat panels. You get consistent even depth results.

Driven by a Programmable Controller you can plot out the etching areas so that it only etches the areas that need etching which reduces run time and creates a very efficient abrasive blasting solution. You get high efficiency, clean workspace, and very consistent even etching.

It automatically controls the filter cleaning system, and the abrasive pot re-fill reduces the operator's activity just to adding the abrasive and removing dust.

The device does not require any special knowledge and skills from the operator. Reduce Labour costs, fatigue and get consistent quality sandblasting results.