Revolutionise Your Stone Engraving Process with Dustless Sandblasting

Our Dustless sandblasting solutions offer you a new way of engraving stone either automatic blasting or portable Manual dustless blasting. Our Vacuum blasters work and are gaining a lot of converts through Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

We also offer reliable Vinyl Sandblasting Mask Film and Halftone PhotoMask pre-prepared stencil service so you can Blast with confidence and offer lucrative photographic engraving to your customer base. Our products are back by quality first equipment policy and an enthusiastic tech support to ensure you get the right service.

Our CNC AutoBlaster is an automatic sandblast system specifically designed to blast headstones and large flat panels. You get consistent even depth results.

Driven by a Programmable Controller you can plot out the etching areas, so that it only etches the areas that need etching, which reduces run time and creates a very efficient abrasive blasting solution. You get high efficiency, clean workspace and very consistent even etching.

It automatically controls the filter cleaning system, and the abrasive pot re-fill reduces the operator's activity just to adding the abrasive and removing dust.

The device does not require any special knowledge and skill from the operator. Reduce Labour costs, fatigue and get consistent quality sandblasting results.

Dustless Portable Sandblasting Solutions

The Sandmaster range of dustless and efficient sandblasting systems provides you with environmentally clean, quality sandblasting systems.

The ABRA systems meet the ProBlast quality and efficiency standards and we are proud to offer this range to Australian and New Zealand customers. These sandblasters are focused on monumental industry stone engravers who want to clean up their work environment with dustless blasting and highly efficient machinery.

The range consists of the flagship CNC Autoblast system, a portable dustless unit that can be easily moved around a factory, and a couple of mobile dustless blasting solutions.

Tough and Sticky Vinyl Mask

We researched many vinyls to find the one that sticks well yet is easy to remove and cuts well so that you get the best reliability and efficiency with the ProBlast SuperBlast Mask.

OUr Vinyl is avaialble in two wifdths 620mm and 1240mm and cuts nicely on vinyl cutters. Its high tack bond ensures it stays on through the blasting process and is designed to come off easily with no residue to clean up.

PhotoMask Resist

Produce very fine detail sandblasting masks using SR3000 PhotoMask with no weeding involved including amazing halftone images with our PhotoMask Process.

The process is fast, easy to do and will reliably create tough sandblasting resists to etch your fine detail jobs safely and accurately. Very fine detail can be achieved with crisp sharp edges.

Halftone image production can be created with fantastic detail and very economically making this sought after service highly profitable.

Not ready to invest in process equipment? Then we'll make the Masks for you giving you fast access to this quality and profitable process.

Production Steps are:
> Create artwork in black and white and print onto transparency film
> Expose artwork transparency onto SR3000 through UV light source
> Spray wash with warm water to develop the resist stencil
> Apply to your art piece. SR3000 is self-sticking
> Sandblast using abrasive blasting medium.

Featured Products

Automatic CNC Sandblasting System
Dust free Automatic Sand Balsting Machine with auto pot re-fill and blast area plotting.
Complete Mask Making Kit
Everything you need to produce PhotoMask resists.
PhotoMask Resist
Make very fine detailed sandblasting masks including photographic images.
We can make masks for you
Not ready to invest in a Mask making Kit? We can make your masks for you.

Dustless Sandblasting Solutions