You’re invited to our Chipping Norton Plant for equipment demonstration and product review.
February 23rd-24th-25th, 2022 - 9am to 4pm
Unit 17/25-33 Alfred Rd Chipping Norton NSW 2170
We’ll have the full range of ABRA dustless sandblasting machines and the Rayzist Cabinet systems operating as well as
demonstrations of SR3000 photomask. Plus the Bravo Crystal Range on full display.

Open Week is not a training week – Demonstrations only.

See the CNC Autoblaster in Action

Meet the NEW Dustless CNC Automatic Sandblaster. See for yourself the clean work environment and efficiency of this revolutionary system.

It will change the way you blast monument stones. With it's powerful pressure pot sandblaster and PLC driven CNC system it removes fatigue and inconsistency for your production facility and at the same time cleans up your production process. Set and let run while you are preparing the next job.

We will be running the CNC Autoblaster all through open week so you can check it out for yourself and see it in action.

Check Out the CNC AutoBlast Here

Portable Dustless Sandblasting

Move it around your workshop or blast outside with the Sandmaster Junior Plus Series System. It's a high quality production blaster that vacuums the spent abrasive as it blasts, then filters it for re-use and creates a clean dustless work environment.

This dustless pressure pot system keeps your work area clean and removes the need for protective blasting suits or blast rooms.

Add the Levelling ARM accessory to take the weight out of the equation and create consistent even depth blasting.

Check out the Workshop Portable Blaster here

Onsite Dustless Sandblaster

Change the way you blast onsite with the Sandmaster Mobile Dustless Sandblasting System. Take this compact pressure pot system onsite and blast away without loosing the abrasive or contaminating the area.

The mobile blasting solution from ProBlast PhotoEtch Systems vaccums the spent abrasive as it blasts creating a dustless environment. No need for blasting suits or blasting tents. Clean up your onsite blasting with this economical dustless blaster. Try it out at our Open week.

Checkout the Mobile Blaster Here

PB2034 & PB2436 Blasting Cabinets

Designed for engravers and designed to last. These high quality pressure pot systems makes sandblast engraving easy and clean. The Auto Recycling system and excellent filtration systems is perfect for engravers wanting low maintenance, clean production systems for sandblasting.

See these systems in production and check out all the features that make the Rayzist Sandblasting systems second to none around the world.

Try one out for yourself at the ProBlast Open Week.

Check out the Rayzist Sandblasters Here

SR3000 PhotoMask Resist

See the production process of the world’s leading PhotoMask Resist. Fine detail and half tone demonstrations at Open Week.

It's the most reliable PhotoMask Resist on the market. fast exposure times, fast wash out times, easy to apply or re-apply and can handle extremely fine detail artwork. SR3000 PhotoMask makes it easy to engrave anything. Glass, Metal, Timber, Acrylic can all be expertly engraved using SR3000 and sandcarving.

A perfect solution for Halftone Photo stencils and very fine detail etching.

Click here for more info

New Vinyl Sandblasting Mask

Check out the new tough Sandblasting vinyl from ProBlast and take a sample back to your workshop for testing.

Designed for relaible adhesion, even to exfoliated surfaces, and to withstand high pressure blasting. We'll be using it during demonstations at the Open Week. Available in 620 or 1240mm width x 20mtrs.

Used with vinyl plotters, ProBlast's SuperBlast Vinyl is 0.4mm and tough for deep blasting.

Take advantage of big reductions in pricing at the Open Day.

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Bravo Crystal

Check out the refined range of quality crystal awards on display at the ProBlast Open Day. Originally the JIP range from Australian Glass Trophies now re-Branded as Bravo Crystal and reduced to only the high end quality pieces.

We will have the entire range on display at the February ProBlast Open Day. Check out our new facility and range of products.

Come to the open day and recieve four free engraved samples for your showroom.

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