Luminx 1422 Exposure System
Luminx 1422 Exposure System

Luminx 1422 Exposure System

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Increase your production capability with this multi-sheet exposure system. This is an absolute bargain.

This large exposure area 35cm x 56cm and quick operation allows for rapid production of photoresist films. Luminx offers professional compression that is necessary for detailed images such as photos (half-tones) thin lines and/or small fonts.

The powerful vacuum pump provides optimal compression through a structured mylar foil frame, full compression within 8-10 seconds, the textured foils provide bubble-free contact of your photoresist and print film more commonly found in flexible rubber exposure pads. 

Produce the highest quality photoresist stencils with Luminx 1422.



  • Expose two sheets of legal sized (21cm x 36cm) at one time.
  • Constant illumination over entire exposure area
  • Powerful vacuum for optimal compression
  • UV Range 360-400nm 
  • Digital timer 
  • Fully manual exposure switch idea for UV Curing Applications 
  • Maintenance-free all-steel construction 

Warranty: 1 Year