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April Delivery

Through bulk shipping we can amortise the costs meaning good saving for the end user. Get your year off to a great start by automating the labourious task of sandblast engraving and save on labour costs.

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  • Delivery expected April 2023. Get a quote today.
  • Revolutionise your sandblasting operation in 2023
  • Automatic and dustless stone engraving with auto pot refill
  • Easy Finance available with very little documentation require

Lo-Doc Finance, applications are fast, painless, and convenient. Simply fill in the application and privacy forms and submit. Approvals in 48 hours.


    SM-Compact - Mobile Dustless Vacuum Blaster

    Mobile blasting just got a lot less messy with our portable Dustless Sandblaster. The compact system is relatively light weight and can be used onsite without the need to protect the environment and saves your abrasive. In stock late March 2023.

    Sandblasting Vinyl 

    Our Sandblasting vinyl is building a reputation for being relaible and tough. It stays in place and works a treat.