Introducing CNC Automated Sandblasting

Our CNC Auto Sandblaster is revolutionising the way flat panel etching is done. A CNC system is normally associated with a spindle cutter/router. The same technology has been applied but the spindle is replaced with a sandblasting head with dust reclaim.

With many smarts this machine is amazing at consistently even automatic etching on to flat surfaces such as stone, ceramic, bricks, glass panels, metal panels and timber sheets. The operator sets and forgets removing fatigue from constant labour.

The AUTOB reclaims the abrasive as it blasts, leaving hardly any residue and keeps the work place clean. It truly does an amazing job and with a 1200mm x 1200mm etching area you can etching large panels or large quantities of small panels automatically. The operating system maps out where you need to blast so time is saved by only etching in the specific etch areas, and you can set repeat pass amounts to work your way deep into the surface of your substrates.

Another great feature is that if the pressure pot runs out of abrasive during a run the system stops and the pot automatically re-fills with the re-claimed abrasive and re-seals. Then the system starts blasting again to finish the job. No human required! You simply set up the job, set the blasting areas and then press go. You can then walk away and do something else while your AUTB CNC is blasting away.

The foot print for the machine is around 2mtrs x 1.6mtrs. You need plenty of air and we recommend at least 30cfm compressor with large air tank to create continual air supply.  It’s an ideal blasting solution for memorial companies, stone engravers and large panel industrial engravers.