CNC AutoBlaster - Clean Up Your Workplace with Modern Technology

Stone Blasting does not have to be a hot, dirty and arduous task. With sandblasting system modernisation CNC operated sandblasters make the entire process so much easy and reduces dust in your work environment.

The dustless operation will change the workplace environment forever and go a long way to ensuring best WHS practices in your business. The blasting head assembly provide pathway for hard and fast blasting and the enclosed vacuum takes away the dust as soon as it has been shot into the blasting product leave very little dust settled on the surface. Of course a great vacuum system needs a great filter system to minimise abrasive loss in dust separation and the SM-AUTOB delivers the goods to conserve and control abrasive reclaim.

When the pot has discharged all of its abrasive the CNC AutoBlast automatically stops, refills and then commences blasting again. There is no need for operator labour to refill the pot mid-job and it is all done in enclosed containment preventing dust leakage during abrasive re-fill. This again ticks the box for a cleaner workplace environment and less exposure to abrasive dust.

Another workplace concern is fatigue and comfort of your production team. The CNC AutoBlaster takes away the arduous manual blasting process reducing fatigue and inconsistent work. The operator can be doing other things while the stone is being blasted automatically which in turn reduces labour costs.

Changing your business production process over to modern technology is a big task and can appear daunting but the payoff for your work environment is tremendous in workplace health and safety, Cleaner work environment, user fatigue reduction, consistent work and ultimately profitability.