CNC AutoBlaster - Clean Up Your Workplace with Modern Technology

Stone Blasting does not have to be a hot, dirty and arduous task. With sandblasting system modernisation CNC operated sandblasters make the entire process so much easy and reduces dust in your work environment. The dustless operation will change the workplace environment forever and go a long way to ensuring best WHS practices in your business. Many monument companies are changing over to CNC Autoblasting world wide. 

The blasting head assembly includes efficient vacuum dust collection and the filtration separates dust from good abrasive providing economical re-use of quality abrasive. The system also automatically re-fills the pot with the good abrasive when the pot gets to nearly empty. Once the level reaches the "low" sensor the AutoB stops at the end of a pass, refills the pot, and starts again automatically where it left off. No down time in manual re-fill and no re-fill dust. 

Another workplace concern is fatigue and comfort of your production team. The CNC AutoBlaster takes away the arduous manual blasting process reducing fatigue and inconsistent work. The operator can be doing other things while the stone is being blasted automatically which in turn reduces labour costs.

Changing your business production process over to modern technology can appear daunting but this system is so easy to learn and it comes delivered already constructed. Just plug and play. The payoff for your work environment is tremendous in workplace health and safety, Cleaner work environment, user fatigue reduction, consistent work and ultimately profitability.

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