CNC Automation Labour Solution

Stonemasons are getting harder to find. The CNC Autoblaster needs a machine operator which opens up you options in the labour market.


In today's labour market it is hard to find people that want to learn the art of stone masonry. Many young people today are not interested in full day manual labour and finding a full complement of skilled workers is getting harder. By automating you are making your work environment more attractive to the post-covid labour market. The CNC Autoblaster will open up your labour options because you just need a machine operator to operate it. So you have options to combine your old school crafts people with unskilled machine operators. It is so simple to operate that anyone can learn to use the machine in a few days.


Many business are reporting their highly skilled stone masons, the ones that know the business intimately and can do everything are being stretched because of the inability to fulfill skilled roles. An Autoblaster in your business will improve efficiency and help to manage labour stress. It is so easy to operate, brings modern technology to an old school industry and make the employment proposition more attractive. Automation helps everyone, even the old school rocks that keep your business in check.


Modernising your workshop is setting it up for the post covid era and improving everybody's workday.


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The CNC AutoBlaster



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