SM-Compact Mobile Dustless Sandblasting Bricks

The SM-COMPACT Sandmaster Mobile dustless pressure pot sandblasting unit is the ideal onsite sandblasting solution for businesses that want to perform sandblast engraving onsite and contain dust. No need for full blasting suit or containment tent.

The lightweight, compact unit is a great mobile sandblasting solution for onsite stone, glass, tile, and ceramic engraving. The dust reclaim system makes it environmentally friendly and clean to use. Abrasive is sucked into the vacuum as you blast.

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  • Onsite Headstone Blasting
  • Headstone Updates
  • Donor Walls
  • Isstalled Glass Panels
  • Installed Tiles Engraving
  • Urban Lanscape Engraving

Onsite Memorial Blasting

Rather than set up containment tents or allow abrasive to be lost into the environment the SM-Compact provides a dustless solution for onsite blasting. Monumental Companies use this light weight vacuum blaster to reduce the mess on logistics of onsite engraving. The head, with brush seal, placed squarely on the headstone surface contains the dust and vacums it up into the vacum chamber where it can be recycled back into the pressure pot chamber.

Quality Made to Last

All parts are quality parts and are designed to last and ensure you get the job done efficiently